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Burcu Gokay - Owner And General Manager

Burcu Gokay is an environmental engineer with a passion for furniture design. She decided to pursue her dream of combining her scientific background with her passion for design to promote custom-made furniture out of sustainable eco- friendly raw material.
She took over IG Kitchen Design in July2019. Currently, she is acting as a General Manager.
With many years of experience in startups, Burcu has a real talent in understanding client’s needs and providing innovative solutions. Which addresses the finest details in a broader scope of implementation.
Thanks to her scientific background, she is able to provide optimized solutions to fit complex requirements.
Burcu is also very curious about technology. IOL, Fintech. She is active in various digital networks in Switzerland and Europe and constantly provokes questions around making the ecological link to technology and design.
 ‘Human ingenuity and ability to achieve even the hardest tasks thanks to intelligence, reasoning, creativity, and collaboration will always be my guideline in life’. The motto of Burcu's Gokay.

You can contact Burcu at burcu@igkitchendesign.ch

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