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Interior Designers in Geneva, Vaud, Fribourg & Valais

"Most of our clients want their home practical, beautiful and warm." For more than 10 years, our interior designers,
architects and engineers fulfill their goals and dreams.

Why Working With IG Interior Designers?

Peace of Mind

We guarantee interior designs that are functional, organised and beautiful tailored specifically to your space and taste.

Direct from the Factory

We work with our family-owned factory using the best craftsmanship and our top primary materials from Germany, Austria and Italy.

Top quality and fast delivery

You receive your order within 6-8 weeks. Thanks to our network of Interior Designers, Architects, and Installers. Our experts take care of your custom furniture from A-Z.

Personal Service

We give you total interior concepts, expert advice, wide choice of materials and colours, accessories, realization and installation including 3D Plans.

What Custom- made Interior Designs We Build and Deliver In 6-8 Weeks?

Interior Designs for Home & Private Spaces

Wardrobes & Closet Systems

Wardrobe & Closet Systems by IG Kitchen Designs

We help you create the most practical and beautiful wardrobes, make use of your space, and provide solutions to challenging corners, curves and shapes.

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Wardrobe & Closet Systems by IG Kitchen Designs

Many believe kitchens are impossible and too complicated projects. We make the most impossible kitchens possible.

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Wardrobe & Closet Systems by IG Kitchen Designs

All what you need for your bathroom be it small or big at a one boutique. For new bathrooms, bathroom remodeling and renovation.

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Library Bookshelves

Wardrobe & Closet Systems by IG Kitchen Designs

Have your library bookshelves designed to your personal taste and delivered to you fast. Select from a variety of wood colors and samples, the ability to customize the finest details.

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Parquet Flooring

Wardrobe & Closet Systems by IG Kitchen Designs

Choose from a wide variety of parquet colors and styles. We guarantee the best price, top quality, fast delivery and installation.

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Stretched Ceilings & Lightnings

Stretched Ceilings & Lightnings

We offer you tailored ceiling designs, creation, and installation that fit the finest curves, domes, vaults, and all other shapes your space might have.

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Stretched Ceilings & Lightnings

Commercial Interior Designs & 3D Plans

We offer top interior design projects and best prices for all kinds of commercial and open spaces (Hotels, spas, beauty salons, boutiques, pharmacies, gas stations, grocery stores, and offices). Our experts interior designers meets you to understand your needs, assess your pace and measure it, and guide you through the interior design selection process. They take care of your project from A-Z with peace of mind and ease.

Stretched Ceilings & Lightnings

Reparation, Remodeling and Renovation Services

We are a team and a network of installers, interior architects, interior decorators, engineers, handymen, and partnership managers. We take the utmost care of small and big projects alike. Whether it is a painting of a room or ceiling, kitchen or office remodeling, bathroom renovation, and/or parquet installation. We do accurate measurements and calculations and offer the best architect advice to fit your own place and making reality out of your dreams.

3D Plans

We offer 3D PLAN/ 3D ARCHITECT DRAWING that makes your dreams get clearer and richer. As a result, you have your custom- made furniture even more than satisfying.

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Custom Interior Projects to your style

We adapt to your preferences with either custom projects for fit to measure expectations, or wild requests that go beyond limits. Tell us your preference and we will be your Interior Design Partner.

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Stretched Ceilings & Lightnings

How to start your project?

Contact us to schedule your interior design consultation either at our or have a specialist interior designer come to your place. Our Custom-made furniture Boutique Is located in 4 rue des Charmilles, 1203 Geneva. We provide full service in the cantons Geneva, Vaud, Fribourg, Neuchatel, Jura and Valais.

What is the closet order process?

1. Consultation

Upon appointment
2. Concept development

1 - 2 weeks
3. Production

3 - 4 weeks
4. Delivery & Installation

1 - 2 weeks

Dream and let our Interior Designers draw, build and deliver your wildest designs !

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