Custom-made Wardrobe
Walk-In Closet Built-in Closet with top quality and price

Have a dream for your wardrobe, built-in or walk-in closet?
Connect with our Interior Consultants to create your custom- made design for your budget and get within 6-8 weeks.

Built in Closet from IG Kitchen Designs

Looking for a closet solution that optimize your space and fit in you challenging place?

Our Interior Designers offer you closet solutions that save space and fit in challenging corners and spaces. Top quality custom-made closet organization systems and bedroom storage solutions. They optimize Insufficient storage spaces, dis-aligned angels, tricky corners or any challenges your room may have.
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Closet by IG Kitchen Designs

Tailored Custom-Made Closet Styles

Our tailored solutions are specially made to your taste and to the finest details of your bedroom or dressing room. Whether you look for a walk-in closet, a fitted closet, corner wardrobe, fitted wardrobe, simple dresser, entry hall wardrobes or any special style. We work directly with the factory and can make any order personalized for big or small pieces.

Custom-made Wardrobe by IG Kitchen Designs

Don't know where to start with your closet order or need help with the measurements?

Let our Interior designers measure your space and assess your needs. Order an in-home visit to get accurate measures for your bedroom or dressing room. That saves you time and ensures the process is set with the dream closet at the heart from the beginning. Our experts communicate directly with the factory to make your dreams come true.

walk-in Wardrobe by IG Kitchen Designs Geneva

Would you like to see the closet design before you make your order?

Our 3D Designs offer you the best way to visualize and get a feeling of your closet wardrobe before we start with the production. You can improve the design of your closet down to the last detail before the production starts thanks to 3D images.

Custom-made Wardrobe

We apply custom Furniture mechanisms and wardrobe assembly technology that are the best on the market:

checkSwiss precision sliding hardware systems from Hawa

checkGerman Blue Max Modular Technology from Hettich - Technik für Möbel

checkBlum's Innovative Cabinet Solutions

checkOn top, we offer a wide choice of handles, and accessories, wood samples and colors

What does a custom closet cost?

Prices vary depending on the project size. However, we work with a family owned wood manufacturer that enables us to provide you with the best prices and top quality.

Our Interior Designers tailor the designs that not only satisfy your taste, optimize your space, but also work with your budget limitations. Therefore, choosing a custom- made closet with our expert Interior Designers can save your money and time.

Why IG Closet Wardrobe?

What is the closet order process?

1. Consultation

Upon appointment
2. Concept development

1 - 2 weeks
3. Production

3 - 4 weeks
4. Delivery & Installation

1 - 2 weeks

Have furniture for your bedroom in mind?

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Our suppliers of wardrobe and dressing furniture


  • Egger
  • Cleaf
  • Unilin
  • Pfleiderer


  • Arpa
  • Formica
  • Fenix
  • Duropal
  • Sherwin-Williams
  • ALPI wood
  • Lenoquattro
  • Custom stained wood veneer treatment in our studio

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