WHY WORKING WITH IG DESIGN? We'll tell you here

Design the perfect wardrobe, closet & organize your home

Ig Design presents creative solutions to improve comfort and pleasure of living, applying a single spirit in design, functionality and the highest quality. Thanks to a widely open choice of different styles, materials and finishings that allow multiple composition possibilities, each wardrobe and dressing room is perfectly customized to meet the client’s wish


Peace of mind

We all have our own ideas that reflect our personalities. Our dedicated designers are happy to spend the time with you to create not only an attractive custom built wardrobe, we also guide you through the design process to obtain your desires by offering advice and help with the choice of materials and colors

See before we start

Working with state of the art systems allows us to develop full color 3D renders of your new wardrobe and cabinets, thereby eliminating uncertainties and verifying designs.

Superior quality

We guarantee, by working as a team, that every aspect of your wardrobe will be controlled to insure that the finished space represents what’s important to you.

Since 8 years, we work with our family-owned factory, to guarantee the best quality and time.


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Bathroom Concept Idea
Bathroom Concept Idea
Bathroom Concept Idea
Bathroom Concept Idea